Supercharge your
sales, streamline
your workflows

Stand out to buyers with Nexus MLS - your listings don't just make it to the market; they make it to the spotlight.

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Up to 5x more visibility

Your listings show up where the buyers are - the main search results on portals.

Stop data entry

No need to bring in middlemen, send your listings to us directly through a builder data feed.

Automated data feed

No manual entry required - send your listings directly through your builder feed.

How It Works
How It Works


Speak with our home builder experts about your marketing goals.


Tell us about your feed and setup an account.


We integrate your feed ensuring your data matches industry standards & listing portals.


Publish listings to your website/feed then we grab them and publish to the listing portals with your specifications.


Get paid quarterly based on your data contributions by Nexus MLS.

We understand home builders

Showcase rich data
Showcase rich data

Control listings from your centralized marketing team, without additional maintenance or limits to the data you share.

Built with you in mind
Built with you in mind

Nexus MLS is an automated, marketing-driven and marketing-controlled solution. You asked. We answered.

Take out the middleman
Take out the middleman

Remove friction and cost by using modern data feeds.

Here to serve
Here to serve

We've removed the bureaucracy, putting you back in control of your business.


What does Nexus MLS cost?

We offer simple, flat-fee pricing of $250 per month for unlimited listings and unlimited data. Upload as many photos, videos, and brochures as you want.

There is a one-time set-up fee to integrate and test your builder feed.

Do we need to use an agent?

That's up to you. We believe in letting you run your business the way you want to. We don't get in between your relationships. You can still enter your listings into the local MLS as well - it's your choice!

There is no requirement of compensation in Nexus MLS, nor is there any prohibition on compensation as long as it abides by all local, state and federal laws.

Where will our listings show up if we use Nexus MLS?

Your listings will show up in the main search results of portals because they are sourced from an MLS. Once your feed is set up with Nexus, you simply need to contact Zillow and let them know to use your feed for your listings.

How will we get paid for our data?

We will finalize the specific rates during the Public Beta, but the concept is simple: a utility.

Just like electric utilities pay you for power you put into the grid, and charge you for power you take out of the grid, we pay you for data you contribute to Nexus MLS and charge you for data you take out of Nexus MLS.

Nexus MLS collects fees from data users, then distributes the money to data contributors on a pro-rata basis.


But wait ... there's more


Nexus MLS is flexible, affordable, and easy to use.


Our team is available 7 days a week to answer
your questions, big or small.


Stay tuned for more products and features!

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