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Let's be honest - the current system is a barrier to innovation. Nexus MLS offers you the freedom to conduct business as you see fit.

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We are revolutionizing the real estate industry by building the infrastructure of the future.
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No exclusivity or fees required to join.

No unnecessary rules

Conduct business as you see fit with the freedom to innovate.

Monetize your data

Drive financial value back where it belongs.


Utilizing modern technology (and no dual entry).

Lean enterprise

No bureaucracy, low overhead.


National user-controlled MLS.

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Unlock new possibilities with Nexus APIs — The gateway to freedom and innovation in your digital solutions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nexus MLS cost?

There are no costs/fees to join Nexus MLS. Costs are only incurred for data that you use.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Nexus MLS is simply a real estate data utility. Think of having solar panels on your house - you get charged for your power usage and pay you for what you contribute.

Do we have to leave our current MLSs or Associations?

No, you do not need to leave your current MLSs or Associations to join Nexus MLS. Use Nexus MLS in parallel to your other MLSs - no disruption to your business required. We make it easy since Nexus MLS costs nothing to join and does not charge a membership fee.

We believe in letting you run your business without layers of arbitrary rules and policies. We do not require membership in an Association or other organization to join Nexus MLS.

Do you think the MLS still has value in light of the Settlement Agreement?

Of course! We are an MLS and understand there is tremendous value. But the status quo is broken. Instead of one flexible data feed and ruleset, industry professionals from brokers to vendors have to navigate 500+ disparate bureaucracies, interpretations, and fee schedules. This stifles innovation and competition.

Are you a portal (like Zillow or Homes) or national MLS?

No - we are not a portal. We do not have a public facing website and do not have a way for consumers to search our listing database. Nexus MLS is simply a data utility offering a robust, normalized, modern data feed to power the real estate industry.

Nexus is a nationwide data utility that brokerages, technology vendors, and affiliated businesses can use to access listing data and power one of the most important sectors of the US economy.

How does getting paid for my data work exactly?

Our goal is for Nexus MLS to be an additional revenue stream for brokers.

We will finalize the specific rates during the Public Beta, but the concept is a simple one: a utility. For those that use data from the Nexus MLS system, they will be charged on a fair, metered basis that we anticipate will be less than what most are paying currently. We may explore additional means of monetizing the data to further reward those who contribute to the system.

Just like electric utilities pay you for power you put into the grid, and charge you for power you take out of the grid, we pay you for data you contribute to Nexus MLS and charge you for data you take out of Nexus MLS.

Nexus MLS collects the fees from data users, then distributes the money to data contributors on a pro-rata basis. If you upload 10% of the data in the system, you will receive 10% of the distribution of profits.

Are data transparency and freedom problems in the industry?

Yes. While consumers have access to a majority of homes for sale on portals like Zillow, Homes, and Realtor.com that data is restricted and tightly controlled. Everything from the number of words that can be used in marketing remarks to the kinds of media that can be uploaded to a listing are restricted by outdated, cumbersome rules that haven’t substantively changed since listing information went from physical MLS books to the internet.

The current structure is bogged down under layers of bureaucracy - the rule-making body for MLSs is larger than the United States Congress. Nexus MLS is helping industry professionals and the consumers they serve by removing barriers, and allowing the full capabilities of technology and expertise to thrive.

Who makes the rules/policies for Nexus MLS?

This is another way in which Nexus MLS is unique. We don’t believe in a Board of Directors who create layers of rules and policies that impede your ability to run your business, build technology, and serve your customers. We believe in direct democracy.

We do have some general rules that provide basic operating guidelines, but all of the rules can be modified by the users and new rules proposed, debated and passed by the users directly - as long as they comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

How can I participate?

We appreciate your confidence and desire to be an early adopter of Nexus MLS. To get started, all we require is a simple, non-binding LOI to send us a data feed. For more information, please email our team at sales@nexusmls.io

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